How to deal with the lack of inspiration?

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I define myself as a creator – I create every day, while I am working, I create content for my blog, I create my life, my relationship, everything… After all, my whole life I am fascinated by the arts and that’s why as a creator, it’s very important for me to be able to find constantly an inspiration. I would like to share with you my ways to find inspiration, because to be creative is not an easy job at all, and I need to achieve constant creativity – because my profession requires me to and of course because of this blog – it’s very time consuming and also I need to have a lot of new ideas, but this is what motivates me to be even more creative.

  1. The most reliable source of inspiration is His Majesty – The Internet. There is no easier and faster way to get some new ideas. What do I do? I spend hours searching in Instagram and Pinterest – there are so many wonderful photos that can move your imagination and make you feel inspired. Works every time!
  2. I watch a movie – when I feel exhausted, I like to watch one of my favorite movies. It can be one which I may have watched million times, but I know that it can charge me with some positive energy and this will make me creative again. Everybody has his own favorite movie that can generate the good mood.
  3. I quit everything for a while and start doing something totally different. If I feel stuck over something, there is no point for me to continue working on it. I just leave it for some time – it is crucial that my work goes smoothly without me pushing it. Usually I have a very clear vision of my ideas in my mind but sometimes things just don’t work the way you want them to. I used to get mad when something isn’t like I imagined it, I couldn’t let go and eventually it never seemed to work perfectly. So if your work is stuck just leave it for a while – you’ll regain ideas how to fix it very soon, I promise!
  4. Discussing ideas with people with similar interests. There is nothing more valuable than talking to someone who can understand your problems. As I am saying my thoughts out loud they sound differently and sometimes people can surprise you with wonderful advices and help you get out of your creative crisis.
  5. I review my old pictures / drawings / writings. This helps me a lot to figure out what I could have done better, what I am doing now that I couldn’t do before. It is very refreshing and makes me way more creative.

Stay inspired!


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