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We all know how important is to use sunscreen even on a cloudy day! So let me share with you my impressions of one new product – Vichy Solar protective water for face and body.

I like to use transparent sunscreens because I really hate the white marks that most of the sun creams leave. Also, I don’t like sunscreen oils – they are too greasy. Not that much of a choice, right?

Then I saw this new product of Vichy – Solar protective water for face and body and I said to myself – this sounds good, I should definitely try it! Unfortunately there wasn’t a tester so I took my chances and bought it! I also took a sunscreen for my face –  Vichy mattifying dry touch fluid, because I was worried that if the solar water turns out to be greasy, I wouldn’t be able to apply it on my face.

Luckily, the product is amazing! Although it’s a biphasic formula, it’s not greasy at all! It’s lightweight, it soaks in quickly and I feel my skin moisturized. You can choose between three options – hydrating, antioxidant and bronzing. All of them have 30 SPF which is high protection. I chose the hydrating one this time but I will definitely try the others too!

The face product (SPF 50) – mattifying dry touch fluid has nice texture, it absorbs quickly, it really has this “dry touch” feeling and most importantly – it’s not greasy and doesn’t give me breakouts!

Also I always bring on the beach a bottle of thermal water (Vichy again) to refresh my face during the day. Honestly this is the best way to cool off yourself!

  • This post is not paid advertisement, I bought these products and the opinion is personal!

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