Makeup essentials

I am a girl who loves makeup. I enjoy very much doing it. I have been experimenting a lot until I finally found those products who work best for me. Since I have very pale skin, it was a real challenge to find the right shade of foundation which doesn’t give this unpleasant orange nuance or “mask” effect. I use a lot of products but in this post I would like to share with you my must-haves which I use the most.

The most essential is the good base – if it’s missing, the results are just not the same. The foundation is applied much easier and it lasts twice longer. I use the transparent base of Sephora (they offer 3 types of bases and this is the only one transparent). Its texture is nice and doesn’t feel greasy (my skin is mixed type).

I used to have so many different foundations through the years but nothing was ever good enough. My life is divided by two – before and after I found Dior Forever 010. As I already mentioned I have very pale skin and it is difficult to find the right shade.

Same applies for my powder – Diorskin Forever Extreme Control 010 – the perfect shade without “orange” nuance. It’s also oil controlling.

Eyeshadows are the other thing I can’t live without. I never miss to put some. Of course I prefer sparkling eyeshadows, almost all I’ve got are glittery. My favorites are:

Diorshow Mono – 026 Techno and 006 Infinity for smoky eyes; 564 Fire – amazing gold shade with glittery effect.

Sephora Colorful eyeshadow GLITTER258 Smell of roses (lovely pale pink shade) – I put it all over my eyelids for sparkling effect and 297 Choco excess – dark brown with silver glitter.

My favorite mascara is Dior Iconic Overcurl 090 over black.

The ultimate classic – the red lipstick – since I first put it, it became my must have number 1!  I even got braver and I started wearing it in daytime. I use Sephora Cream Lipstick R05 Hot Tango – it’s very longlasting and just the perfect shade of red.

Now I am in the middle of looking for the right highlighter and base for eyeshadows. Since I have a bit droopy eyelids, they get greasy super fast and the eyeshadows gather into the crease. I tried a few bases but none of them fixed this problem. So when I find the perfect ones I will share them with you right away. Meanwhile if you would like to recommend any, I would be very happy if you share it with me in the comments below.

Always be Sparkling!

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