Weekend getaway

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If you are a fan of rustic tourism, the place I am about to tell you, is going to grab your attention for sure. Fairytale houses in a small village in the mountains, where the time has stopped. It’s not luxurious or something, you are there alone in the silence, delicately broken by the noise of the fire.

The place is called Kostenkovtsi village – the Four Houses – charming houses where you can relax properly. This is our third time here and for sure not the last one. I decided to spent here my birthday because I am not able to travel very far away because of health issues. We prefer to come here during the week to be the only guests, otherwise you just can’t feel the atmosphere. Usually we pick house called The Barn – it’s spacious and if you ask me this is the best of all houses. Luckily we are alone, the only company we had were couple of cats – the permanent residents of the place.




There are so many things you can do there, especially if the weather is nice although the last time we were here it was raining all the time, but I enjoyed every second in the cozy house with my beloved one and some mulled wine. You can walk around the village, ride a bike or just sit in the yard and admire the nature. There are also a pool and a Jacuzzi but we never had the chance to use them because we always go there when it’s cold.

There are a lot of amazing sites that worth the visit in the area:

Drianovo monastery

Bacho Kiro cave

The bench of love

Bojentsi village

Gabrovo city and open air ethnographic museum Etar

Hotnishki waterfall

Tryavna city

Veliko Tarnovo

Shipka peak

I really love this kind of palces, away from the stress, where you dream to come back again and again.

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