Mix & Match – Prints

Mixing different prints in your outfit is tоugh, but I always take my chances because I like bold total looks.

Here are some rules, I’ve learned from years of working in the world of fashion:

Same print in different size and color! You are allowed to mix the same print but in different nuances in the upper and the lower part of your outfit. In this case I mixed the same print on my trousers and t-shirt but as you can see it’s in different colors and shapes.

Two totally different prints but in harmonious nuances. Two prints, incompatible at first sight, can be mixed surprisingly well if they are in the same range of colors.

Graphic prints – all of them can be combined perfectly with each other, even if they are in different colors. Dots and stripes, houndstoot and stripes, dots and checks… The same applies for mixing floral and graphic print – works every time – as long as they are both in the same color range!



Be brave and stay inspired!

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