About me

My name is Marina and I love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, summer nights with friends and glass of wine in hand, travelling with my beloved one….

I work as a Visual Merchandiser at MDL Ltd or I should better say I am the one who makes the magic of fashion happens around you in the shops. My story is well known – little girl who dreams becoming a designer some day. So I graduated fashion design and I realized that this education gives me lots of opportunities like being Visual merchandiser. This is what I really like to do and it makes me feel complete and happy. Doing what makes you feel this way is the key to happiness.

Travelling and horse riding are other passions of mine – these are my priorities in my free time.

This blog is about everything that inspires me and makes me smile so I hope I can make you feel the same while reading it. Make yourself comfortable with a cup of cappuccino in hand and let me share with you the sparkling side of my world.

Be sparkling!

Sincerely yours,